Career Coaching Conversations

We know first-hand how helpful coaching can be for your career. We also know that it’s often challenging for many people to access, because they don’t know how to find a great coach or find the cost makes coaching out of reach.

We’ve worked hard to provide an accessible solution for online, action-focused coaching with experienced coaches that we personally recommend.

How does it work?

Our online career coaching sessions last for 1 hour and cost £100. Each of our coaches has a specific area of focus, to help you identify the person who can help you the most right now in your career. Once you have selected a coach and paid for your session, you’ll be able to view their availability and select a time that works for you. Your coach will send you details for your online coaching session, including a preparation document to complete. After your coaching conversation, you’ll receive and email summary of your conversation with suggested actions and resources.