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Wouldn’t it be amazing if I had a network of people helping me to succeed in my career?

We spend a lot of time talking to and learning from others, but the word ‘networking’ instils dread in many of us. What makes it so daunting? It may seem like some people are natural networkers, but the truth is, it’s a skill that can be learned and practiced.

At Amazing If, we’re lucky enough to have both sides represented – someone who loves networking and is very good at it (Helen) and someone who avoided it until she realised you can do it your own way (Sarah).

Networks are absolutely critical to supporting and nurturing us throughout our careers. This course is designed to help you think about the type of network you need and how to develop the relationships that matter, in a way that’s authentic to you.

Course summary

  • Networks: why we need them, and why they’re worth it
  • Your network: assess the strength of your networks (you should have at least four) and identify opportunities to improve
  • Using your network: how to match the network you need with your career goals to accelerate growth
  • Action: Dread networking? You’re not alone. We finish the course with practical hints and tips on how to develop an effective network

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn practical skills and techniques to take the fear out of networking, and realise its power in building a happier career.

What is the format?

Expect some theory, practical exercises and the opportunity to practice during the session. We like to encourage both thinking and action, so you can be fully prepared to do things differently when you leave the course. Expect a relaxed, friendly atmosphere – we like our attendees to feel comfortable.

How many people will be on the course?

Good things come in small packages! We keep our courses small to make sure you can get the most out of the day.

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