by Sarah Ellis

How to stay curious

Helen and I talk a lot about the importance of being interested and being interesting. It’s the thing that starts conversations and build relationships and at the heart of it all is curiosity.

Curiosity is as very powerful career skill and the good news is that means it can be learnt.

We’ve pulled together a few of our ideas on how to increase your curiosity quota:


1. Dig deep

When you find something you’re interested in dig a little deeper. For example I read a fascinating book by philosopher Roman Krznaric. After reading the book I then followed him on Twitter, learnt about his new project Empathy Museum and last week went along to his exhibition. This sounds a tad stalker-like but you’re deepening your curiosity on a topic, which is great!


2. Seek out other curious cats 

Keep your eye out for other people who are also curious as they’ll provide you with great ideas and recommendations.


3. Make time for curiosity 

You need to invest time in curiosity. It might be making time to watch a video, meeting someone for a coffee without a set agenda or 30mins on a Sunday morning. Whatever works best for you.


4. Do something you’ve never done before

When was the last time you tried something new? This doesn’t need to be everyday or every week even but make sure you’re exploring new things – as you never know where they might lead.


Good luck and #staycurious



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