Who we are

Helen and Sarah met at university and both went on to pursue careers in marketing, working for a variety of leading organisations including Virgin, Barclays, Microsoft and Sainsbury’s.

In 2013 they created Amazing If with the ambition of making work better for everyone. They bring their experience and passion for personal development together into a unique programme of career workshops, coaching, consultancy and content that helps people to be their best at work and succeed in a squiggly career.

Our mission

Careers used to be predictable and linear. Your employer provided you with a salary, security and a path for advancement. The careers we’re faced with today look very different. Technology, the pace of change and increasingly personalised working patterns are affecting the shape of work. Instead of career staircases, we’re all navigating something far more squiggly.

Squiggly careers are full of opportunity and learning, but they can feel challenging and confusing if you don’t have the skills to manage them. Amazing If’s mission is to make work better for everyone, individuals and employers alike, by helping people to develop the skills to succeed in a squiggly career. We have trained thousands of people with our accessible, inspirational and action-focused career development programmes.

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